Update on LSM Students’ Indie Film ‘What Goes Up’

Matthew Gambell and Production Team__What Goes Up filmFinal year LSM students who’re making their first feature film (started at the end of their second year), which is a “rom-com with a sci-fi twist” have an update. The film’s called ‘What Goes Up.’  Its Director and the founder of GSProductions is Matt Gambell:  We’ve been a bit quiet over the past few months due to focusing our time on coursework. I’ve spent the majority of last week building an initial draft edit of the film.  It’s now complete with a screening to a few this evening in EMMTEC.

Matt-Gambell_What-goes-up-posterAs it’s in its initial form, the purpose of the screening is to see the overall flow of the scenes and afterwards discuss what we like / don’t like, what’s missing and what we need to do to make it the best we possibly can so that we can hopefully get picture lock by the end of January. We’ve done some PR for the film this week… we’ve managed to get it on to IMDb and we’ve designed our first official promotional poster.  Soon you’ll see what we’ve achieved on such a small budget / time frame as I’m incredibly proud of everyone involved and the progress we’re making – slow as it may be.  We’ll keep you posted!