Student Feature Film ‘What Goes Up’ in the making

Matthew Gambell and Production Team__What Goes Up filmThis summer LSM students, like Director Matthew Gambell and the dedicated production team from writers to producers, have been busy fundraising, scripting and shooting an independent feature film called ‘What Goes Up’.  It’s a “rom-com with a sci-fi twist”, which is currently in post-production.

Matt said: We’re hoping to get the film finished by January so that we can start circulating the festivals before releasing it later in the year, we’re also hoping to have a few screenings within Lincoln before release.

Matthew Gambell_Unedited stills_What Goes Up film_2With this project we aim to show that students have enough experience to make a feature length film to a professional standard (even with a little budget).  We wanted people who respect and love the art of filmmaking to get involved by volunteering their services to support the project. We already have a team who are working hard on a daily basis for nothing except the drive and passion they have for the story we want to tell. 

Here’s a sneak preview of behind the scenes and extracts from the production’s fantastic progress from donations to locations.

We’re still looking for any help possible, whether it be funding or simply supporting the project by sharing it with your friends and networks. See our site for more details. Also we’re on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks – we’ll keep you posted!

31st July 2013: We’ve done it

MatthewGambell_What_Goes_Up_LOGOWe’ve successfully shot a feature length film in three weeks!  It’s been a tough and gruelling ride with everyone working their absolute hardest to make this happen each day for pretty much nothing. The entire experience has been absolutely amazing for all of us, we’ve learnt so much and I’m so proud of what we’ve all achieved here.

22nd July 2013: Shooting continues

Matthew Gambell_behind the scene pic_What Goes Up film_5We’ve been working on the production everyday for the past two weeks shooting a variety of scenes each day and I wanted to let you all know that we’re now over halfway through shooting this film. Moving from shooting shorts over a couple of days into trying to shoot a feature in three weeks definitely has its challenges…


8th July 2013: And so it begins

Matthew Gambell_REHEARSAL_What Goes Up filmWe started rehearsing this week and it was wonderful. All of the actors have really gotten into their roles and have been a joy to work with. We found some room in the budget and sourced enough money to afford the RED camera … allowing for cinema quality video and slow-motion recording, which is great news!


24th June 2013: The Final Hours

Matthew Gambell_OFFICE_What Goes Up film


Well, it’s nearly here. It’s so close I can almost taste it. We’ve finally entered the last week of pre-production here at What Goes Up HQ and everything is falling into place…



17th June: It isn’t over until… it’s over

Matthew Gambell and Production Team_2__What Goes Up film

This is it. The final hurdle. So far we’ve raised £3,567. Which is incredible. We’ve already had talks about how much the funding has made a difference… We had a crew read-through of the screenplay on Friday and we found ourselves laughing at parts we didn’t even realise were funny. Which is good, I’m confident you’re going to like it …


14th June 2013: End of week 6

Matthew Gambell_SCRIPT_What Goes Up film


We’ve made a lot of progress this week … finally compiled our drafts into the final version of the script. We had a read-through today just with the crew and we’re all very happy with it…


10th-14th June: The cast is coming together

Matthew Gambell_CAST_What Goes Up film

After weeks of auditions, considerations, blood, sweat and tears, I can finally announce that we have the perfect cast! From casting calls on Facebook, Twitter, Casting Call Pro, Star and Cast Now we received an impressive and overwhelming response.Filtering through around 100 emails…

7th June 2013: Location, Location, Location

Matthew Gambell_behind the scene pic_What Goes Up film_4Over the past few weeks we’ve been scouting for potential locations to shoot our film in. One of the biggest troubles we were having was finding a place to use as the setting for the Lone Pine Office block where a large part of the movie takes place. We began to make the decision early on to avoid building a set…