Katie Martin: from intern to staff job!

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2012 Graduation

A little update from me – after completing my 11 month Web and Multimedia Graduate Internship in the University of Lincoln’s Marketing department, I landed the job of Social Media Officer!  (Woo, I believe that calls for a celebratory cocktail…or two!)

As my internship came to an end I was faced with going back to the job market which, as any graduate will know, is a scary place to be. You find one awesome job and 200 people go for it. Competition is definitely fierce, particularly in media-related roles, so I began applying for anything and everything in my field. I had a few successful interviews, including one here at the University for the Social Media Officer role which I accepted in a heartbeat. I loved my time as an intern here and the role was exactly what I was looking for.

Luckily, the University rolled my contract on and I began straight after my internship nearly two months ago. My main duties are monitoring, growing and developing the University’s social media presence, liaising with the different social media outlets in the institution, providing help and one-to-one social media workshops, working on the corporate website and creating official guidelines, strategies and documents for social media. I have also been part of an interview panel which was an extremely bizarre experience sitting on the other side of the table!

I hope fellow graduates are getting on well, and that soon-to-be graduates are enjoying their last long summer/getting on well with the job hunt!  I’m always happy to connect so feel free to join me on Linkedin or Twitter for a natter.

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  1. Well done Katie – absolutely brilliant news and well-deserved. Just goes to show how these paid internships can really lead to good things. Look forward to working with you!

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