Dani Moseley’s Update: Summer 2013

Our multi-talented 2007 graduate rounds up her latest events, both here & abroad.

Dani-Moseley_Mag-FrontCoverI got the shock of my life when a friend of mine in St Lucia sent a picture of me on the front cover of a St Lucian Magazine!  Basically the photographer was St Lucian, she’s well known and got interviewed for a mag over there. They asked to see/use some of her portfolio for the feature, so she let me know that they might use it for the interview.

So there I was thinking if they were going to use anything, it would be some small little insert in the article, but nooooo, not only did they use ‘my’ picture, they put it on the front cover, which I was WELL chuffed about! Gonna get a copy soon!  

Dani_BWNGAward winning ‘Brothers With No Game‘ is BACK! August 12th, airing every two weeks. We’ve been filming since June and I’m really enjoying it. Each episode gets better, funnier and juicier, so looking forward to hearing the feedback. They’ll be 6 episodes and a Christmas special.  I’ve also tried to start getting into sponsorship, especially where clothes & accessories are concerned. Doing a web series, there isn’t the biggest budget, so wardrobe is limited.

Dani_BWNG_clothesNot wanting to do another season wearing my own clothes and spending money on finding costume for my character (Simone), I came up with the idea of emailing specific designers to lend/give me one garment that I could wear, in return for free promotion to the viewers of the show, on all social networks and then wearing it for any future interviews & plugging the designer. I managed to get a T-Shirt from Kayobi Clothing (pictured left) and some earrings from Typical Freaks & it’s gone down well.  I’m now continuing in this fashion ’til the end of the shoot and it all helps makes the process feel that little bit more ‘established’.

Also to come out soon is a new Kids TV show called ‘Which is Witch?‘, broadcast on Nickelodeon later this year. I play a witch called Ava, who is the older sister to Gina one of the lead characters.

 It was filmed in Belgium last year and it is in 2D & 3D.  It was a fast shoot (two episodes per week) but it was fun, different and interesting working with a French crew & English cast. But I’ve never done any VFX stuff before, so was kinda chuffed when I saw what it eventually looked like. Here are two short 5 second clips of me doing magic (there’s no sound, but you get the idea):  Clip One and Clip Two
Dani Moseley_Miss Barbados 2013Miss Universal Carnival UK 2013.  I’ve recently been modelling for carnival bands launching their costumes and got scouted at one of the events to enter ‘Miss Universal Carnival UK’ to represent Barbados, which I shyly accepted. It’s similar to a beauty pageant, only the focus isn’t solely on the delegates, but also on the creative team that work behind the scenes to put it all together costume designer, make up artist, hair stylist, etc.  There are three main categories:
1. Carnival Costume
2. Scavenge Couture – outfit made entirely out of recycled material
3. Carnival Inspired Evening Gown

It’s the first of its kind in the UK and it’s to celebrate the culture, innovative creativity & theatrics of carnival. I’ve had a number of TV appearances promoting the event, and representing Barbados.  In fact, I’ve just had an email that one of the recordings will be on Ben TV Sky 182 this Friday (26th July) 10am -12 noon and repeated the following Monday (29th July) 5pm – 7pm.  It all comes to a head on August 10th at the Luton Carnival Arts Centre. I won’t lie, I’m very nervous, but also very excited and eager to see what happens. The winner gets:

– The title for a year
– Travel to a carnival outside of the UK with pre-paid accommodation & £1,000
– A free photo shoot
– Gift Hamper
Though it would be cool to win, it’s my first time doing this and I’m only just getting into modelling, so I’m really doing it to learn all about catwalk modelling, make up artistry, gain confidence in people starring at me (which happens a lot when wearing a carnival costume outside of a carnival setting lol!) and learn more about my family’s homeland, Barbados.  I’ll let you know how I get on.  So that’s the acting & modelling side of things, lol!


Forty ElephantsNow writing-wise: HiYPE, my production company, is still working on the film script ‘The Forty Elephants’ (which we’re hoping to film that next year).  We’ve already confirmed BBC Director Dan Wilson and are in talks with a distribution company & producer. But nothing can go ahead until we’ve finalised the new script, so we’re heads down completing that. We’ve helped cast a few things this summer, including a new web series and new stage play, which my friend & business partner Nadine Woodley will also be directing. It’s all hush hush right now!  As is the comedy series I’m writing with another friend of mine Nadu Placca, which we intend to pitch to BAFTA next year along with Sky Living (who now do a lot of British comedies), BBC3 & Ch4. The working title is ‘Super7’ & we’re really excited about it, so watch this space…