Dani Moseley in Award Winning Web Series

Many congrats to our 2007 graduate Dani Moseley who was listed in the ‘Outstanding Guest Actress Award’ at the LA Web Series Festival 2013 for playing Simone in Brothers With No Game – BWNG to its web viewers. The online comedy drama won multiple awards, from producing to editing. Dani told me the first season was very popular and her character has been very well received: “I get stopped in the street more for that than anything else and because it is online, it’s always something I can refer people to. They can watch it ‘instantly’ whereas TV has happened & gone.”

Dani Moseley as Simone


Dani said she’ll definitely be starring in series two (and you can help, click here), and the photo shoot for BWNG season 2. She said the modelling side of her work has “started to kick off with catwalk carnival band launches and modelling boutique jewellery products”. There’s no end to her talents and undoubtedly we’ll be hearing from her again soon. So watch this space!

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  1. Wow this is awesome!! Excellent!! I loved it. Great to hear you are doing so well. It was fab to briefly meet you at the event, although we did not have a proper chance to talk. Stay awesome and best wishes 🙂

  2. Amazing news!! Congrats Dani – great to read how well fellow grads are doing 🙂

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