Internships at Off the Bench

Pete Genders is offering one or more Graduate Internships, e.g. Commercial Media Production Assistant, OTB Lincolnshire CIC (2 month graduate internship and then 12 month fixed term contract if successful with internship)

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Find a job with a video profile

From Helen McCarron:

Here are some paid internships and jobs that may interest media students and graduates. You can create a video profile and apply through the Lincoln University ‘meet the real me’ site.

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Jobs at Empire Design

From Sally Upton:

I’m quite urgently looking to meet and interview recent graduates for a number of positions at our company Empire Design.

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Tom Ska’s University promo

Tom Ridgewell (AKA Ska) has made a video promoting the University. Comments welcome!

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Ryan Laity

Ryan and family

When finishing my degree at Lincoln University last year so many things were going through my head. Do I go back home and look for a job? Do I take the huge risk and go to London? Or do I stay in Lincoln?

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LSM Productions release International film

LSM Productions, the new production arm of the School, has just released the first in a series of promotional films for the University International Office.

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Tom Ridgewell in the news (again!)

From the Guardian:

“Tom Ridgewell went a step further. While studying media at the University of Lincoln, he decided to create a television advert for the university and put it up on YouTube.

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British Airways Film Script Competition

With the help of world-renowned actor/director Richard E Grant, British Airways are looking for talented students to write a film and see it get made. Your film will reach a guaranteed blockbuster audience, as it will be screened on all the flights during London 2012. Find out more

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George Horne, class of 2010

George Horne

I know people who’ve swept floors, blown up balloons and bought everyone’s lunch at some studios, for no pay and little respect. Honestly, some internships are nothing short of slave labour and unpaid internships should be made illegal.

Save a life, Stay Awake [HD] from George Horne on Vimeo.

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Internships in UL Marketing

From Catrin Rodda:

6 graduate interns are required in Marketing (Web and multi media assistant x 2, Copywriting assistant, Design assistant; Staff and Student Experience assistant and PR assistant). They are a real opportunity for graduates to get some excellent hands-on work experience. Closing Date : 04/04/2011

To apply, send your CV and cover letter to Lesley O’Donnell by email to (Alternatively post to Lesley at: Enterprise@Lincoln, University of Lincoln, Brayford Pool, Lincoln, LN6 7TS).  Continue reading