Congrats! LSFM, Class of 2017 | Graduation Day 05.09.2017

GV-GradDay-05.09.20172017Congratulations to our soon to be Class of 2017.  University of Lincoln School of Film & Media wish our graduands the very best for the future. Be proud. 

LSFM’s Graduation Ceremony | Lincoln Cathedral | Streaming

LSFM Graduation Prizes 2017:

The prize for Outstanding Contribution to the Lincoln School of Film and Media | Ben Reynolds

The joint-prize for Best Student of the Year | Kate Burton and Craig Clayton

The prize for Best Dissertation (FTV) | Daniel Shepard

The prize for Best Engagement with Research (FTV) | Alex Hamilton

The prize for Best Media Production Photography | Georgia Preece

The prize for Best Audio Production student | Robert Wynne

The prize for Best Television Studio student | JiaMin Ong

The prize for Best Animation student | Abigail Cooke

The prize for Best Video Production student | Dan Davison

The prize for Best Design student | Jamie Hammond

The prize for Best Radio Production student | Charlotte Fisher

The prize for Best Digital Media Student | Rowan Barns

The prize for Best Contemporary Lens Media student | Molly O Brawn

The prize for Best Cinematography | Dan Davison

The prize for Best Dissertation (Animation) | Abigail Cooke

The prize for Best Dissertation (CLM) | Emilie Nunn

The LSFM joint prize for Best Dissertation (Audio Production) Sam Jenkins and Sam Atkins

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